Aranya Outdoor Theatre at the Great Wall
01 July 2022




Aranya Outdoor Theatre at the Great Wall

Jingshanling, Hebei, China

DESIGN: 201-20



The elongated amphitheatre is located near Chengde, the former summer residence of the Qing Emperor situated 130 km northeast of Beijing. There is no reference in Chinese history for this building type. The architects therefore oriented themselves towards ancient Greek models integrated into the landscape. The rectangular seating for 1,560 spectators follows the natural topography and segues into a one-storey structure whose transparent side is open towards the valley and projects over the landscape. The view is limited at a distance by the Great Wall, which snakes organically over the mountain ranges.


The basic rectangular form limits the circle segments of the seating steps, which are structured in four sections. The section in front of the stage is shaped as a semicircle, and the subsequent circle segments are cor-respondingly laid out in larger radii. On the opposite side of the stage, there are also seating steps, under which the backstage area for the artists and a cafe with a project-ing terrace are situated. The amphitheatre with its functional areas is inserted into the landscape in such a way that it can first be perceived in its entirety in an overview when one enters the seating areas.


Eduard Koegel



細長く伸びる円形劇場は、清朝皇帝の元避暑地に近接し、北京から北東方向に130 kmの位置にある。ビルディングタイプに関しては中国史からの参照は一切なく、 古代ギリシンャの様式を景観に溶け込ませるよう設定した。1,560席を収容する矩形の客席は自然の地形をなぞるように配置され,片方がヴォイドとなった平屋建の構造に見事に一体化されている。この構造は谷に向かって開けており、景観に向かって突き出すように伸びている。遠方に望む、尾根沿いに有機的に蛇行する「万里の長城」が眺望のアイストップとなっている。







Architects: ZAO/standardarchitecture-Zhang Ke,

principal-in-charge; Luciano Ricci, Nelly Vitiello, Zhang Yehan, Epp Jerlei, Alyona Savelyeva, Yu Yihua,


project team

Client: Aranya

Consultant: China Architecture Design Research Group., structural

Program: theatre

Structural system: concrete

Major materials: concrete

Site area: 33,481 ㎡

Building area: 6,398 ㎡

Total floor area: 938 ㎡

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